1What is your goal tree?

  • Survive and have fun
    • Live forever
      • Live healthily
        • Eat healthy foods; know the food we eat; be self-sufficient;
          • Produce our own foods
            • Subsisting: urban farming; on hold due to opportunity cost
          • Compost excess foods
        • Sleep properly; eliminate circadian-rhythm disruptors
      • Preserve the environment
        • Have a closed personal nutrient cycle
    • Be remembered forever
      • Be everywhere everytime
        • ???
          • Start a YouTube channel?
          • Start a Facebook page?
      • Say or write contrarian things against prevailing opinions; be the devil's advocate; but it's bad to disagree for the sake of disagreement; one who always disagrees is going to be ostracized
      • Make some impacts
        • Get the resources required to make some impacts
          • Get power
            • Understand power
            • Get more physical power by exercising
            • Get rich quickly solving my problems without going to jail
              • <2019-04-22> I think the most feasible way for me to get power is to get rich.
              • Think entrepreneurially
              • Start a delivery-only healthy kitchen; I have difficulty finding affordable healthy food nearby
            • Gain trust by Aristotelian rhetorics (ethos, logos, pathos)
              • Learn rhetorics, public speaking, and how to convince people
              • Settle controversial topics
            • Understand and predict world politics and economics
      • Optimize biological aspects
    • Fix my problems first before fixing more interesting problems?

This goal tree often changes.

This backward planning is explained somewhere in file:meta.html.

Goal tree is similar to work breakdown structure1 and product breakdown structure2.

  • WBS = goal tree + 100% rule + mutual exclusivity + procedural.
  • PBS = WBS - procedural + declarative.

2Why do you make this website?

Because I find thinking, writing, and planning fun. This website contains questions that I think should be answered.

I think of myself as three different people:

  • my past self
  • my present self
  • my future self

This website is a way for those three people to communicate.

3Who are you?

I am an independent3 researcher from Indonesia, with too many interests, mostly theoretical, because theoretical research is low-cost and can be done at home4, because I don't have the resources for experimental research. Most of my writings involve applied analytic philosophy, mathematics, and computers. (Applied analytic philosophy is the careful usage of words to discover the essence of things.)

My last formal education degree, if you care, is a Sarjana Ilmu Komputer5 degree bestowed in 2011 by the Fakultas Ilmu Komputer6 of Universitas Indonesia7 for four years of undergraduate education.

4Should I trust you?

No, you should not. Anyone can put anything on the Internet. Judge for yourself. More disclaimers follow.

I may err. Read cautiously. Compare with other independent sources. Do not trust me without thinking for yourself. Use your own judgement.

I am not responsible for what other people write in their comments, but I can remove comments from my website. People are free to say whatever they want, and people are free to disagree with whatever others say, as long as they do that in a civilized manner.

I may change. I am not attached to our beliefs. Things I wrote in the past should not be solely used to judge my present self.

Most pages are messy drafts. URLs may change.

If you have good eyesight, you may want to zoom out by pressing Control-minus. The fonts may be too big.

5How should I interact with you?

You can pick one of these:

Expect long delay. If you don't get a reply after waiting for a few days, try resending your message. It does get lost sometimes.

If you are in Jakarta, we may meet in some meetups.

6Where else are you?

I may also be found at these places, but I rarely check them:


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